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YEAR 2014


Butterfly Song
directed by Kyungmee Kim, Sunyoung Park


Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition directed by Christoph von Toggenburg - International Documentary Short

Arde Lucus directed by Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto - Newcomer

Birthday directed by Nick Tustin - America Short Films

Border Trafficking directed by Peter Rautek - European Short Films

Broken Wand directed by Anne Yang , Michael Altman - America Short Films

Butterfly Song directed by Kyungmee Kim, Sunyoung Park - America Short Films

Gaia directed by Nick Graalman, Erin Fowler - Asia Pacific Short Films

Nobody directed by Jonathan Dubsky - International Short Films

Sacred Journey of the Heart directed by Skip Thomas, Ronna Prince - International Documentary, Best Director, Best Story

Tattoo directed by Riccardo Di Gerlando - Best Story

The Bec Des Rosses - Mountain of Legend directed by Peter Charaf - European Documentary

The Bureau of Short-Term Affairs directed by Bryan Artiles - America Short Films

The Last One directed by Sergei Pikalov - International Short Films

Will Jackways Interpretation directed by Tim Pierce - International Short Films


92 Dreamin directed by Escarla Abreu, Mikheal Villegas - America Short Films

A Hospital in the Pines directed by Andrew Elizaga - Asia Pacific Documentary

Al escuchar el viento (When you listen to the wind) directed by Alfonso Palazón Meseguer - International Documentary Feature

Alejandra directed by ALBERTO GASTESI - Newcomer

Arde Lucus directed by Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto - Director, European Documentary

As the tree under the hurricane (Ati & Mindhiva) directed by Claudia Fischer - International Documentary Feature

Bastards directed by DEBORAH PERKIN - International Documentary Feature

Before the silence directed by Richard Dols, Ruud Geuijen, Hannek Som - European Documentary

Beluga directed by Ji Inn Jung - America Short Films

Burning from the inside directed by Marsia Tzivara - European Documentary

C'est une petite chambres aux couleurs simples directed by LANA CHERAMY - EUROPEAN SHORT FILMS

Clara directed by Claudia Pinheiro - International Short Films

CONCRETE / NIGHT directed by Noe Weil - European Short Films

Dispossessed directed by Cheyanne Kane - America Short Films

ENSAIO SOBRE UMA CABEÇA DESNUDA (photo shoot of a bald head) directed by Ricardo Chreem - Cinematography

Ensoulment directed by Lorís Simón Salum - International Documentary Short

Face to Face directed by CHUNG CHUAN - Asia Pacific Documentary

Fixated directed by Anjani Pandey - Director, Cinematography, Actor, Story

Glance Up directed by Enric Ribes, Oriol Martinez - European Documentary

God Has Arrived directed by John Urich-Sass - America Documentary

Going The Distance: A Honeymoon Adventure directed by Mike Clear - International Documentary Feature

Goonga Pehelwan directed by Prateek Gupta, Vivek Chaudhary, Mit Jani - International Documentary Short

Heaven of Cherubs directed by Gustavo Massola - International Documentary Short

Hoko-Bang-Sing directed by Hugo Teugels - International Short Films

Humanexus directed by Ying-Fang Shen - International Documentary Short

I KNOW YOU directed by Colin Gerrard - European Short Films

ICARUS - Casting from the Clouds directed by David Ondaatje - American Documentary, Director, Cinematography,America Short Films, Editing

Kyrie directed by Holger Klussmann Best International Documentary Short

Leaving Stockholm directed by Natalia Ambarnikova - International Short Films

Little Big George directed by Priyanka Tanwar - Asia Pacific Short Films

Lovebirds - rebel lovers in India directed by Gianpaolo Bigoli - International Documentary Short

Luz, Anima, Ação (Between Frames – The Art Of Brazilian Animation) directed by Eduardo Calvet - International Documentary Feature

Mbeti: Road To Kisesini directed by Ann Bromberg - International Documentary Short

Merry Christmas, Romania directed by Ana Stan - European Documentary

My Car And I directed by Gautam - Asia Pacific Documentary

Naked Rose directed by Giovanni Coda - International Documentary Feature

Nexus directed by Briana Franceschini, Ho Kwan Au - America Short Films

O Sino (The Bell) directed by Edson Luiz de Almeida - America Documentary

ONGAMIRA O TEMPO NÃO EXISTE directed by Raquel Gerber - International Documentary Short

Ôrí directed by Raquel Gerber - International Documentary Feature

ORISTE (Behold) directed by Mark Sargent - International Short Films

Out of Eden directed by Pinkasfeld Severine - European Documentary

Path of the Pronghorn directed by Jake Willers - Newcomer

Pedals and Heels directed by Sevda Doğan - International Documentary Short

Plundering Tibet directed by Michael Buckley - International Documentary Short

Poetry is an Island, Derek Walcott directed by Ida Does - International Documentary Feature, Best Editing

Pony Blues directed by Champ Ensminger - Asia Pacific Short Films

Predators Paradise directed by Presley Mbeha , Boitshoiko Jeremia - International Documentary Short

Reached an Oral Agreement directed by Adiamond Lee - Newcomer

Sacred Journey of the Heart directed by Skip Thomas, Ronna Prince - Editing, American Documentary Feature

Seed directed by Saerom Seong - America Short Films

Shadow Memories directed by Annamaria Lorusso - Actor

Summer's End directed by Stefanie Klemm - European Short Films

The Blue Marble Of Joys And Sorrows directed by Paolo Pizzi - International Documentary Short

The Characteristics of C-Minor directed by J.Ollie Lucks, Max Bellamy - International Documentary Short

The Hurting Strings directed by Peter Lamont - Asia Pacific Short Films

The Peninsula directed by Hunter Abbey - International Documentary Short, Asia Pacific Documentary

The Spoon directed by Shinyoo Kang - Newcomer

The Urban World directed by Warren Bass - International Documentary Short

They Pose for Their Portraits directed by Liliana Colombo - International Documentary Short

Tony Windberg. A Painter in the Woods directed by Thomas Schumacher - European Documentary

Trans: a documentary about transboys directed by Nathalie Cools - European Documentary

Transnational Fiesta: Twenty Years Later directed by Wilton Martinez - America Documentary

What is an Actor? directed by Ricardo Chreem - International Documentary Short

Where is Elle-Kari and what happened to Noriko-san? directed by Dvorit Shargal - International Documentary Short

WHO AM I directed by BK Venkatesh - Asia Pacific Documentary

Why is the universe speeding up? The Cosmic Surveys & The Laws of Physics directed by Alex Muntada Tarrats - International Documentary Short

WHY? directed by Pavel Baidikov - International Documentary Short

Witness My Journey directed by Steve Rogers - Asia Pacific Documentary

Yolanda's got talent directed by Jamal Daood - Asia Pacific Documentary

Yusef's Song directed by Kostas Pliakos - European Documentary