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  About the Festival

Actors, actresses, comedians, dancers, magicians, musicians, singers, and filmmakers! You enter the right festival.

The International Performing Arts & Movie Awards (IPAMA) vision is to support both independent and professional art performers and filmmakers who have passion about what they are doing to get international recognitions and exposure, and to boost their careers.

We are searching for films with intriguing story, excellent technique and cinematography, and captivating storytelling. Winning films will become a series of showcases to standout in our festival. In performing arts, we are seeking for art performers with great talents, matchless creativeness, or unique performance. The juries of the festival will judge based on the recording of your live performance, and your performance history, if available.

The festival opens submission for filmmakers (including newcomers and film students) from all over the world to submit their short and feature films or documentaries. We also greet talented art performers from various countries to submit their performance recording.

With our package we focus in the details of every film, on the brilliance of every aspect, every department, and every performance. Every achievement deserves an award. All films and documentaries can join different categories as this will increase your chance of winning.